Why the companies & the consumers prefer E-commerce?

With E-commerce the company & consumers reach each other quickly & easily. The company would avail such consumers who would never ever reach for the reason they are at either ends of Globe. E-commerce would help the company build a very good relationship with its existing clients & explore new arenas of business.

The Benefits of E-commerce:


1. Information about the company & its product / services provided easily.
2. Improve efficiency with the existing clients.
3. Avail new clients & services, suppliers locally or globally.
4. Sales Increased quickly & conveniently with reduced Cost.
5. Achieve high levels of business & income.


1. Time, money & energy saved to market.
2. Avail knowledge about the products / services & their were about at fingertips.
3. Availability to access the most suitable product & services to us.
4. Easier access to local or global market & their outlets if any.
5. Place an order online & receive the product / services at doorsteps.

E-commerce provides Convenience, Choice to the Company & Consumer at reduced Cost.

With the advent of web promotion, search engines and other online processes are expediting which makes it of competitive nature it is very necessary as to whom you would consider for developing your site. The style of your site and its technical structure will profoundly influence your ability to promote your income.

SoftCreekIndia will deliver a design as per your expectations without exceeding your budget. We have an expertise in the E-commerce and online store building. SoftCreekIndia's E-commerce store would convert browsers into buyers.

Placing a site on the Web is merely the first big step in profiting from E-commerce. For consumers who respond to your site, prompt processing is necessary and if customers have questions or problems, they need to be able to contact the requisite via e-mail or an e-form without delay.

SoftCreekIndia would design the complete store management in such a way that you can add, edit and delete your own products from the first day that your website is running. We produce
easy to use and navigate shopping solutions with secure ordering & giving your customers
a choice of payment options. We provide security features to help protect your
customers' personal information. It interfaces with numerous online credit card and check authorization services. Merchants may set up options for products - with price changes, track inventory for items, provide immediate e-mail confirmations to purchasing customers and designated vendor contacts, and export order information to other applications to simplify the day-to-day maintenance of your E-commerce enabled site.You can create and publish discount certificates with expiration dates. Each certificate can apply to your entire catalogue or be limited to few products.

When a potential customer visits your website, they browse the products and choose the ones they want. This essentially begins when a customer enters your site and views your homepage. Ideally, your customers should be provided with easy access to product pages from your homepage. Your customers would be provided with selection options for the products, services, delivery & payment mode.

There are 2 types of E-commerce:

1. Business To Consumers.
2. Business To Business. ( Market Place for any kind of Trade.)

Business to Consumers:

A Website providing information about company, products & the services. It provides an online access to its existing consumers as well as to those who are surfing for similar information. E-commerce provides a better relationship between the business & the regular customers. The company gets an access to such customers who would never reach them personally. The company has a chance to receive more customers that means more progress.

This E-commerce Software is for deals taking place between 1 company and their consumers or 1 company and other companies. The admin can add/ edit/ delete products and /or services. It comes with newsletters facilities, and is rich in marketing tools, stock management options, secure server gateways and admin capabilities. The number of products and product options it can hold is only limited by the power and capacity of your database server. Few companies would have a huge amount of products . Few of the E-commerce stores would have a few products and services to list but they can anytime expand their catalogue.

E-commerce software saves the consumers their time & energy for the products they require regularly. They don't have to go market regularly. They can just order the products / services online.

Business To Business:

A Website which serves as a Market Place for anyone. Any company who has very few products to display or may not opt for having their own website for any reasons, may have some space on this website to carry forward their deals. This kind of an E-commerce store provides space even for a person who wishes to sell a single product. This saves lots of people spending a ton for their own website which they wouldn't utilize to maximum. Such E-commerce stores are very useful for people who have very few items ( 1 product ) to sell. The space provided by E-commerce stores allows the company or person to display their product, prices, contact & other necessary details. The client or company interested in the same would contact them which could eventually result into a deal.

Many companies sell to the same customers on a regular basis, especially in the business-to-business arena. For such vendors, an E-commerce website can minimize the need for routine sales calls. It also makes ordering quicker and easier for the customer, who can make purchases via a step-by-step interactive process.

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